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Pet Food

Pack10 Natural & Organic Pet Food & Treats makes chemical free, whole ingredient meals & treats for dogs & cats. Their products are always gluten free, made without chemicals, colorants, heat/pressure processing, fillers, synthetic vitamins/minerals or preservatives. They use USDA certified ingredients, and USDA certified organic ingredients, including their proteins which are USDA Certified, USDA Certified American GrassFed, and USDA Certified Organic. Many of their proteins are sourced locally (Lamb, Pork, Beef) in Longmont, CO. Pack10 is based in Golden, Colorado where they use fresh Colorado Rocky Mountain Spring water – leaving the chlorine out of your pet's food too!

Grooming Supplies

Large Slicker Brush

Small Slicker Brush

Metal Comb

Shampoos, conditioners and other tools also available.

Pet Toys

Small Loofa Dog

Medium Loofa Dog

Large Loofa Dog

Chew toys, leashes and other items also available.